Cuthbert Bede / Edward Bradley - Books

You will find a selection of books by Cuthbert Bede below. Some of the books are likely to be of new "print on demand" editions. For "Verdant Green" especially I suggest searching for an older edition, as they may well be cheaper than a new "print on demand" copy. Many of Cuthbert Bede's other books are now scarce.

The Adventures of Mr Verdant Green

Cuthbert Bede's best known book. The text and illustrations are available on Project Gutenberg

Little Mr Bouncer

Photographic Pleasures

The books below is about Cuthbert Bede / Edward Bradley, the only such book I have come across.

The books below are from an Amazon search for "Cuthbert Bede" - you may well find some other Cuthberts and Bedes amongst them!

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