Welcome to my wiki

Welcome to my Wiki!

By way of introduction, a brief explanation of what you will find here.

Two of my many interests are writing and photography. You can see some of my work at Susan Watkin's Lulu Storefront. Lulu is a website through which you can publish books, photos etc.

You can see the work of a selection of work published by some UK Lulu users (including myself) at UK Lulu Wiki

I then started developing individual Wikis, each based around one of my books or proposed books. These are:

Victorian cookery and households hints

I find Victorian books fascinating. My book Know Your Onions, or Mrs Beeton's Hinterland contains a selection of Victorian recipes and household hints.
Know Your Onions or Mrs Beeton's Hinterland


I have been visiting Greece regularly since 1981. I am working on at least two books about Greece (too many hobbies, too little time!). This Wiki contains a selection of my shorter writings about Greece, and photographs of Greece.

In 2011 I published Kalo Taxidi! Notes from Greece and the Greek Islands

Greek Travels: notes from Greece and the Greek islands

Cats, Cats, Cats

This wiki contains photos I have taken of cats in Greece, other information about cats, andx links to my book of photos of Greek cats, and my Greek Calendars.
Cats, Cats, Cats


"Credit Crunch" Special - Greek Cat Photos - free to download

A selection of Greek cat photos. The photos are currently free to download. All I ask is that you consider making donation to a Greek animal charity. E.g. Naxos Animal Welfare Society; Animal Zone International


Victorian scraps and trivia

The Victorians were very fond of making scrapbooks, some containing images, others newspaper or magazine cuttings, and some containing a mixture of both. In And the Baboon Played Chess with the Emperor I have created a new scrapbook using extracts from old magazines etc.
And The Baboon Played Chess with the Emperor

Victorian humour

If you enjoy the jokes in Christmas crackers, this is the wiki for you!
Old Groaners

Legal Humour

A selection of jokes about law and lawyers.
Silence in Court

Oscar the Labrador (a wiki I created to attract interest to book by a friend, Liv Worton)

Oscar the Labrador is the star of a charming little book by Liv Worton, a book full of anecdotes about a charismatic dog. There is an underlying theme of caring and sharing, whilst enjoying the simple pleasures of life.
Oscar the Labrador

++Phrase Books
In 2011 I also published
As Brisky as a Body Louse, a book about old phrase books. And yes, I did find the title phrase in an old phrase book!

Etymology - Word Wise

I am developing this Wiki and at present it is "private"! The Wiki will be based on around a series of articles I have been writing for over ten years, that I am at present developing into a book.


I am researching my family history, mostly in Lincolnshire, England. I often come across snippets of information of more general interest - this Wiki will be a repository for these snippets

Work in Progress

Finally, coming almost full circle, I started developing this "Susan Watkin" Wiki to pull the various diverse threads of my interests together. Here you will find pages on diverse topics that have caught my interest.

Random Jottings

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